The Governing Board of the NM Food & Agriculture Policy Council is a diverse body of people with varying interests and expertise which serves the larger group’s interests and efforts. They also serve as the core group on the front lines of the legislative process during the legislative session when members from a distance may not have as much opportunity to participate. Decisions come from the full NMFAPC membership as it introduces, shares, explores, deliberates, and decides on issues and policies. When appropriate, the Governing Board shares on behalf of the decisions made by the full NMFAPC. 

The 2020-2022 Governing Board

Helga Garza, Governing Board Chair – Agri-Cultura Network 
Susan Wilger, Immediate Past Chair – Center for Health Innovation 
Leiloni Begaye – First Nations Development Institute
Jaime Chavez – Rural Coalition and National LatinoFarmers and Ranchers Trade Association
Zoey Fink – Farmshark and National Young Farmers Coalition
Lawrence D. Gallegos – Western Landowners Alliance
Isabelle Jenniches – NM Healthy Soil Working Group
Eugene Pickett – Black Farmers and Ranchers New Mexico
Anthony Wagner – Wagner Farms

Governing Board Agency Representation (Ex-Officio)

  • Kendal Chavez, NM Public Education Department, Nutrition and Wellness, Farm to School
  • John Garlish, NM Cooperative Extension Service
  • Dennis Hogan, NM Department of Agriculture

Governing Board Members’ bios