2020 Legislation

2020 Legislative Outcomes

July 1, 2020 In order to rebalance the budget in the light of the health and economic hardships imposed by COVID-19, legislators and the Governor had to grapple with an estimated $2 billion decrease in state revenues over the coming fiscal year (beginning July 1st). In a short Special Session in June, they balanced the budget with a combination of spending cuts across agencies, funding from reserves, and federal funding from COVID-19 relief programs. Here’s how NMFAPC legislative priorities were affected.

March 2020 It was a fast paced short legislative session. Due to incredible teamwork, we have much to look forward to beyond the session. In the early hours of the morning, the House passed the legislative budget in concurrence with the Senate. Click here to see details of this year’s work.

2020 Legislative Priorities Tracking